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(Note: No idea why my line spacing is getting double backed, might be weirdness from pasting out of open office X_X )

Was watching this the other day and if you haven't watched :iconrogerregorroger: s sonic dissected series you should go do so, it's really good.…

But one part about 40 minutes in really spoke to me because it's an issue I've seen in and around the sonic fandom for quite a long time and that is the stigma around fan characters, Ocs and fan works in general.

We've heard every recolour joke a thousand times now, every crappy meme and so on but why is creating Ocs or fan characters such a bad thing? Honestly what's wrong with some kids who love a series just having some fun? Why did we start treating that like a bad thing?

Yes there are people who do sprite recolours but a lot of people overlook the tons of well designed characters and OC's that people have put a lot of effort and artistic skill into. Even on the spriting front there are great spriters who do custom work, pixel art and the like.

Nope everyone just needs to be tarred with the same stick cuz LULZ IT'S SANIC.

When I came to the internet in late 2004 in full, I started out in the sonic fandom now I was far from fact I was a bit of a shithead but I had a fan characters(Which was a recolour at first) but through that fandom I met some great friends, some of who I still talk too today, got involved in some great RP and just had a lot of fun hanging around the sonic spriting community in the day.

In that community I saw great artists who where forged, people who created some of the most detailed Rps I had the pleasure to take part in and while there was bad things too in those days I would never change the fun times I had.

Here's the thing, fan characters and such are not exclusive to the sonic fandom, every major fandom has them. If you look into doctor who another series I like you will find tons of time lord OC's some good...some cringe worthy but you know what so long as everyone's having fun that's what matters.

Who are we anyway to tell people what they can and can't do? To police what is “Acceptable fandom” not to mention shame kids for making Sonic Ocs and pretty much scare them out of the fandom because we actively make them feel like shit because they are not writing the next Shakespeare for our reading pleasure.

This isn't some professional endeavour, nobody is going “Hell yeaaaa gonna take muh fan character to the next level and get hired by sega to make my fan fics into games.” It's just a bunch of kids who love something and are having fun so good for them.

It's just sad because it's created a lot of stigma around creating fan characters or general sonic fan works as well as a huge air of negativity that will put new fans off and to be honest this fandom really needs to get it's act together if you know the rep.

As fans some of us did start with recolours but we evolved as we went along and got better. Don't get me wrong you should strive to improve and having a recolour character forever won't fly but we all start somewhere.

Fans do fan things, look at fallout, if you search around you will find page after page of LARPing groups. Or if you look up my little pony you will find GASP, fan characters and lots of them.

So you know what? Make a fan character, write a fan fiction, make an RP, just do it and most of all have fun doing so. Don't let anyone knock for you doing something you enjoy and to those that do what's the point? Not like fandoms doing their thing is making your life any worse.

To quote Sfdebris yet again because this quote hits it home.

Obviously ruining other peoples fun is not a good thing, at the same time there is absolutely nothing  wrong with the type of fan in and of themselves that prefers to treat Doctor who or any topic for that matter as serious business. Because to them that is fun, believing anything else is just is just picking aside.

I’ve seen this kind of thing before time after time, factions forming among fans, hell I had the displeasure once of encountering someone who made it his mission to criticise any fan who who “he felt” went overboard in their fandom and yet if you went to his home page there was this proud display of picture after picture of him cosplaying over the years.

Now that’s not me putting down cosplayers, that’s me saying “who the hell are you to dictate what is and is not acceptable fan behaviour. Who are you to say that dressing up as freakazoid is somehow superior to debating the size of the grand army of the republic in star wars?” That is arrogant presumption and so is the need to say “I’m not of those obsessive types of fans I’M NORMAL!” That’s because many of us as fans seem to have some kind of baggage whether its because of experiences that we’ve had or seeing how society reacts, so we have the need to insist “WE’RE THE GOOD KINDS OF FANS NO MATTER HOW WE GO ABOUT DOING IT! WE’RE NOT THE FREAKS…It’s the other people.”

Well screw that, sure obsession can get dangerous but that is true with anything and using other peoples obsession to make ourselves feel better is poor behaviour as both a fan and as a human being.

The conflicts are not the type or degree of fan you are, it’s about people being dicks to each other that’s the start and end of it and anything more than that is just is just people looking for reasons to justify pointless divisiveness.”

Full quote:…

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