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Taking a break from the politics and the science and the serious things to talk about a niche game series and fandom because why not? Bored.

So there's already news of Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 3 in the works and to be honest does anyone else think they are just milking the series now?

I'm a fan of the series but being a fan doesn't mean you should love everything without question, plus everyone's going to have their own opinions on a work that's fair game.

But did we really need a remake of Victory? It's only been out for about a year so far.

I've seen so many spin off games I've lost count now and it seems they are hell bent on remaking every title despite it being out for a short time. I mean at least games like say FF7 have been out since the 90s so it's easy to see why a remake would be logical there but for something that came out in 2012/13? really?

When you are milking a franchise harder than what Square Enix has done for a decade in just a year it's perhaps time to step back a bit and ask questions.

I'm not against remakes completely but there's been an absolute flood of spin off titles lately and alternate universes within alternate universes(Hell why not have an entry in the series that you know continues from the last game, rather than yet another retcon or alternate universe?) that it's jarring for new comers to the series who have no idea where to start. It really feels like compile heart is catering to the die hard fans only, which is a very bad thing to do with a series since it locks new people out.

That's not to say doing something for the fans is a bad thing but if it drives every single product then you won't last very long as time passes.

I loved the idea of Re;Birth 1 because the first neptunia game was broken as hell and was pretty much a failure so fixing the game up was a good move, more so for people that really liked the story of the first game, but for MK2 and now Victory? I'm half expecting to hear about a vita remake for Victory 2 a month after the game comes out with the way they are going.

Still what a games company does is their business, I'm just a fan with an opinion and one that matters not in the grand scheme of things.
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A mirthful welcome to you all~
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